Friday, October 23

New ‘Carnieville’ Stills Certain to Help Stir Those Long Forgotten Clown Fears

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Last week clown-haters everywhere were cursing the name of the Horror Asylum as we revealed a shiny new, and disturbing, teaser trailer for Victor Mathieu’s new horror project ‘CarnieVille’. Now Shock Till You Drop have kindly dropped a trio of exclusive stills from the Tombstone Films production on us to unsettle us more with painted face and squirty flower horror. The movie stars Brett Rickaby (‘The Crazies’), Victor Miller and Jeremy Jackson and you can check out the new stills and the previously revealed poster artwork below.

“After having witnessed her neighbor murder his own wife in his clown outfit, Corey has been dealing with coulrophobia (fear of clowns) ever since she was a child. On Halloween night her boyfriend and his friends decide to help her overcome her phobia of clowns by taking her to a nearby carnival. However, they soon discover that the price of admission is their lives.”

Batch of New ‘Carnieville’ Stills
Batch of New 'Carnieville' Stills

Batch of New 'Carnieville' Stills

Batch of New 'Carnieville' Stills

‘CarnieVille’ Poster Artwork
'CarnieVille' Poster Artwork

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