Friday, January 22

New Chilling Teaser Poster For Kevin Smith’s ‘Red State’ Horror

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Around 15 years ago Kevin Smith (‘Clerks’, ‘Mallrats’, ‘Chasing Amy’, ‘Zack and Miri Make a Porno’) was everyone’s favourite and most promising upcoming writer/director. However, it’s been over a decade now and we’ve really not seen anything truly note-worthy from him since. Let’s hope his new move into horror with his upcoming project ‘Red State’ turns out to be just that! The religious related horror stars John Goodman (‘The Big Lebowski’, ‘Death Sentence’), Kevin Alejandro (‘True Blood’), Kyle Gallner (‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’), Michael Angarano, Anna Gunn, Melissa Leo, Stephen Root, Kevin Pollak, Haley Ramm and Michael Parks amongst others. A new teaser poster for the movie has been revealed and you can check it out below!

Smith has been busy updating his official blog with the following…

“We finished shooting late Wednesday night, but I’ve been cutting the flick every free moment over the 25 days of production. So at our wrap party last night (for the flick we wrapped 2 days ago, mind you) we also watched the flick we just completed. And I’m not talking about some bullshit assembly, either: this puppy is fine-cut, complete with credits and some pre-mixing: 92 mins without credits, 98 mins with a end credit sequence that’s not to be believed.

As for having a screening of a flick of this caliber mere sun-ups since we put it to bed… well, this may be an absolute first – particularly considering the director was also the editor (I haven’t slept much).

Kicking back and taking in the very same flick we all worked so hard to get in the can with the very same cast & crew that made it a mere 48 hours back more than makes up for the low budget (4 million) and the complete lack of salary. But you do a movie like RED STATE because you love it; everyone’s there because they wanna be there; there’s not a one of those disgusting, soul-f*cking paycheck players in the mix. Passion calls us all together, love of what we’re doing/saying bonds us, and the film is the result; the movie’s a love child.”

A Ghostly Figure Chills Us in New ‘Red State’ Teaser Poster
A Ghostly Figure Chills Us in New 'Red State' Teaser Poster

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