Wednesday, January 27

Rodriguez Talks About ‘Predators’ Reprise

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IESB have confirmed the rumours circulating that Robert Rodriguez will indeed be the dude behind the new reincarnation of the ‘Predator’ franchise for Fox. Aint It Cool News have been chatting with Rodriguez about his plans for the new flick that has already managed to set a release date of July 7th 2010!

Rodriguez originally penned a script for ‘Predators’ way back in the early part of the 1990’s. The script followed Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character Dutch (from the 1987 original) being transported onto the Predator’s home planet. And whilst there he is imprisoned amongst a batch of other creatures and monsters and are prepped to battle each other in an almighty deathmatch.

There’s no confirmation that that will likely be what happen’s in the rewrites but Rodriguez reckons he’ll be able to keep a few ideas in. Rodriguez hinted that he would like to get Arnie involved somehow, but he hasn’t asked him yet.

”I got a call from Alex Young over at Fox, who had been digging around and found my original treatment. He was eager to get it made and re-invent the Predator franchise using the treatment as a guide”, says Rodriguez. “The next stage is finding a writer and director to come in and work with us to bring it to life. Whether or not it will ultimately be based on the treatment or not is still unknown at this time”.

“What I’d like to do with it is expand on ideas I dreamt up back in the original treatment, that had really expanded on the universe both the Predators and other species live in. We’d create new otherworldly characters while not taking away from the draw our main Predator has. I think another reason I called it Predators was to mark it as a project that should be taken seriously by a filmmaker to make a worthy follow up to a classic, much in the way Cameron made Aliens a compelling work on its own, following Ridley Scott’s Alien.”

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