Monday, January 25

Sarah Connor Chronicles Cancelled & No Arnie!

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‘Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ is about to Terminated, permanently. The Fox network never managed to score much of a viewing public and the ratings have never really impressed the bosses. Following the pilot every episode thereafter has decreased in viewing figures. Last week saw the Season 2 finale.

MovieHole has spoken recently with executive producer Mario Kassar about the series and he had hoped that Fox would renew for a third season. And especially with the new ‘Terminator: Salvation’ movie just about to drop into theatres worldwide then when better to get something rolling.

In other ‘Terminator’-esque news the new movies director McG has told MTV that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s supposed cameo in ‘Terminator: Salvation’ is now in doubt. Arnie was set to appear in a particular scene near the end of the movie as the T-800.

“We don’t know if Schwarzenegger is in the movie or not; it’s not clear”, McG says. “I can say that. It’s a complicated, delicate balancing act as of now. The jury is still out.”

Whatever happens, they have till the 21 May to sort it out.

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