Sunday, January 24

Scary Microsite For ‘Cirque du Freak’ Author

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After spending the last eight years scaring the living heck out of his readers (and selling 12 million books in the process), Darren Shan’s publishers HarperCollins are celebrating the paperback release of Death’s Shadow (the seventh book in the blood-curdling Demonata series) by launching a terrifying new microsite that allows you to freak out your friends!

The Scare A Mortal Portal ( allows prankish Shan fans (and would be fans) to scare their mates by sending a personalised video suggesting that they’ve been kidnapped by a gory demon – and that their friend is next!  Conceived and produced by Maverick, a London-based production shop, in conjunction with global publishers HarperCollins, the website combines user data with cutting edge web technology to create a truly creepy video experience that’s guaranteed to send a shiver down the spine of any unfortunate victim.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Demonata books, then prepare to be horrified. Masterful exercises in gory dread, the pages practically ooze blood as Shan chronicles the adventures of three teenagers battling the evil demon master, Lord Loss. So far there are eight books in the series (the latest, Wolf Island has just been released in hardback), with two further volumes planned next year.

Previously, the prolific Shan penned the vampire-focussed twelve volume ‘Cirque Du Freak’ series, which is currently being adapted by Golden Compass director Paul Weitz into a major Hollywood production from Universal. The film stars Salma Hayek and John C Reilly, and it’s due to be causing shivers in the cinemas early next year.

Death’s Shadow (Harper Collins) is out in Paperback now.

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