Sunday, January 24

Swedish Horror ‘Psalm 21’ Gets New English Subtitled Trailer

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Swedish horror ‘Psalm 21′ has gotten itself a new trailer, complete with English subtitles and it looks great. The flick has been circulating through all the regular fests for what seems like an eternity and this creepy religious tale will hopefully be sending shivers down it’s audiences’ spines when it is released across Sweden on 5 November. ‘Psalm 21’ stars Jonas Malmsjö, Niklas Falk, Björn Bengtsson, Görel Crona, Josefin Ljungman, Per Ragnar, Gunvor Pontén, Julia Dufvenius, Lena B. Eriksson. You can check out the new trailer below.

“Henrik Horneus (played by Jonas Malmsjö) is a beloved Stockholm priest who recently has had increasingly frightening nightmares about his dead mother. One day after service, he learns that his father, Gabriel Horneus, also a priest, has died mysteriously in a drowning accident. Henrik has not met him since he was a little boy, when his father, following his divorce to Henrik’s mother, moved up to his childhood village. Henrik journeys through the dark, endless forests of northern Sweden up the desolate village of Borgvattnet, to investigate his father’s mysterious death. His arrival seems to set powerful forces into motion – the door to the other side opens. Ghosts from the past cross the threshold to our world. With one single purpose, vengeance.”

‘Psalm 21’ will open across Sweden on 5 November.

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