Monday, January 25

Thai Shocker ‘2002 Unborn Children’ Reveals Disturbing Teaser Trailers

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Unborn little life, waiting for big revenge! Well that’s the loose translation according to two new teaser trailers for Thai shocker ‘2002 Unborn Children’. Yes, those mad and crazy Thai guys have done it again. What with pushing as many boundaries as they possibly can over the last few years, this one certainly jumps to the top of the pile of potentially controversial horror. ‘2002 Unborn Children’ is the disturbingly titled new horror flick from Thailands’ Phranakorn Films, the small production company responsible for such titles as ‘The Intruder’ and ‘Train of the Dead’ AKA ‘Chum thaang rot fai phii’. Check out the new teasers below.

‘2002 Unborn Children’ will hit Thai theatres this March.

‘2002 Unborn Children’ One-Sheet
'2002 Unborn Children' One-Sheet

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