Wednesday, January 27

The Blood Thirsty Hoodies Attack In New British Thriller ‘F’ Stills

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Bloody kids today, ‘F’ing this and ‘F’ that! A bunch of blood thirsty hoodies are at the centre of new British after-school based thriller ‘F’ and it arrives on DVD and Blu-ray here in the UK on 10 January 2011, courtesy of Optimum Home Entertainment. David Schofield, Eliza Bennett (below) and Ruth Gemmel star and a bunch of new stills from the release have been revealed by the folks over at Earlier today we launched our new giveaway where you can win one of 5 copies of the new Brit thriller on Blu-Ray right here at the Horror Asylum. Hopefully we’ll have our review for this up a little later in the week. Check out just some of the new stills below.

Enter our brand new ‘F’ Blu-Ray giveaway here.

“Robert Anderson, a burned-out alcoholic world-weary English teacher, a man who has to face his most terrifying demons. F is set in a huge sprawling U.K. comprehensive school, after lessons have finished for the day. What is a place of learning during the daytime, becomes a vast and deserted labyrinthine nightmare of endless corridors, empty classrooms, woodwork rooms, gyms, welding rooms, motor pool shops, canteens, photographic darkrooms, art studios and sports halls. The school comes under relentless attack from a group of blood thirsty hoodies, intent on only one thing, to spread terror. Anderson must battle these brutal killers, and his deepest fears, in a desperate battle for the survival of his pupils, fellow teachers and those he holds most dear.”

New ‘F’ Stills
New 'F' Stills

New 'F' Stills

New 'F' Stills

New 'F' Stills

Don’f forget to check out the rest of the stills at the link below. ‘F’ arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray across the UK on 10 January 2011.

‘F’ Cutie Star Eliza Bennett
'F' Cutie Star Eliza Bennett

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