Wednesday, January 27

Twisted Pictures To Remake RKO Horrors

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Producer Andy Fickman has made a deal with Roseblood Movie Company and Twisted Pictures, keepers of the ever-popular ‘Saw’ franchise, to oversee some modern remakes of a collection of 4 RKO Picture classics. Flickman is planning to helm one himself, although we’re not yet sure which one.

The films to be remade are: ‘Five Came Back’ (1939), ‘I Walked With a Zombie’ (1943), ‘The Body Snatcher’ (1945) and ‘Bedlam’ (1946).

The projects will be under approval of RKO’s supervision as the Roseblood Movie Company is a horror/thriller division of the company. Twisted Pictures and its parent company Evolution Entertainment will co-finance the productions.

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