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Dead & Breakfast
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Dead & Breakfast (2004)

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Plot Summary:
"Six friends on a road trip stop for the night at a Bed and Breakfast in the sleepy town of Lovelock. After a night that leaves both the Inn's owner and chef dead, the gang finds themselves under suspicion by the local Sheriff. But that's only the beginning as nearly all of the town's quirky residents become possessed by an evil spirit and pin down the friends inside the B&B. In the vein of Evil Dead II and Dawn of the Dead."

Review by
Phil Davies Brown
Follow me:
Review Date: 06 June 2006 My Rating: out of 5


Matthew Leutwyler's unique feature film sets a group of familiar talents against a bunch of possessed country folks when they are forced to spend the night at an out of the way B&B.

The B&B is run by David Carradine's Mr. Wise, and when one of the group, Johnny forgets his keys and is forced to climb in through a window, he accidentally breaks open a Kuman Thong unleashing an evil presence which possesses the majority of the residents of Lovelock.

The cast is fabulous here with many familiar faces playing against type, and doing it so well. The gore and the humour is over the top, but works perfectly as does the completely wacky situation and story.

Featuring such notable highlights as a zombie dance routine a la Thriller, and Erik Palladino running on blood in classic Tom and Jerry style, Dead & Breakfast is a laugh out loud horror hybrid of the tallest order.

D&B is gory, funny, outrageous and guaranteed to have you laughing out loud at its assortment of witty one liners and clever homages to classic genre flicks.

Reviewer: Steven Davies @braindeadsteve
Location:Luton, UK
Review Date: 08 September 2005 My Rating: out of 5

I'd been looking forward to this one for quite a while now. And I can't quite decide if I'm happily content with seeing the final result or a tad disappointed? But hopefully by the end of my review I would have come to a final decision.

Six friends on a road trip stop for the night at a Bed and Breakfast in a town called Lovelock. The first night leaves the owner and chef dead. And before long the group find themselves dealing with possessed zombie/evil spirited residents of the town.

Matthew Leutwyler, writer and director here, seems to be trying to emulate low-budget comedy/horror successes of past. There are elements and inspired dark humour that breathes memories of movies such as Bad Taste and Evil Dead. But emulation can always end in humilation. But not quite here.

The obvious budget restrictions often get in the way of a movie. Most of my friends wouldn't be able to see past these qualities. They're used to their popcorn, big screen, ultra-budget entertainment fests. But when you have restrictions you have to do your damn best to entertain. And Dead and Breakfast does the job.

'It's like a bad horror movie..only worse' announces the DVD case. A bold move, especially something which could almost come back to haunt you by adding fuel for the critics. But it just sums up the tongue-in-cheek, spoofy goofiness of the flick. But don't get me wrong it's suitably laden with more than expected blood splattering and killings.

I've seen lot of low-budget trash but not often something that pulls in a few recognisable faces and star names. David Carradine, Gina Phillips and Jeremy Sisto to name a few. But there are two hightlights to the movie for me personally. One is the ever present Zach Selwyn and his guitar sing-a-longs breaking up each scene as themovie is played out. Much like an over-the-top dark twist on an idea used in There's Something About Mary several years ago. And secondly is the brilliantly comical moment between a possessed Johnny, played by Oz Perkins, and Erik Palladino's character, David. But I won't spoil it for ya!

So there you have it. Laughs, blood splattering, possession and sing-songs. It's finally turned me. I mean the hologramatic case with the DVD alone is great. Who's hungry for breakfast? Well I guess myself. I am.

Blood and Guts: Comments


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