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Freddy Vs. Jason
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Freddy Vs. Jason (2003)

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Plot Summary:
"The ultimate Hell is about to be raised on Earth. Because of his horribly unforgivable sins, Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) is stuck in Hell eternally. But he's found a way to allow him to escape. Springwood must fear that he has returned. And he's found the perfect patsy to evoke such fear. Through dream manipulations and guilt, he's able to convince hockey-masked psychopath Jason which both Freddy and Jason sense as the perfect opportunity for a slice-and-dice job. Besides a few survivors, the only two who know about Freddy's plans are teenagers Lori (Monica Keena) and Will (Jason Ritter). Their plan is to take Jason back home to Crystal Lake and have both Freddy and Jason destroy each other. But everyone's plans don't go according to schedule."

Review by
Ryan McDonald
Follow me:
Review Date: 09 January 2004 My Rating: out of 5


This is the kind of horror film one dreads and spends a lot of time cursing its very existence…until one actually sits down to watch it. Unpretentious and mostly free of self-reflexivity, this Ronny Yu flick ends up better than it has any right to be.

The kids of Elm Street are being drugged so as to forget the nightmare tormenter Freddy Krueger, something that has worked especially well until Freddy, languishing in Hell, comes up with an idea. Resurrect Camp Crystal Lake killer Jason Voorhees to scare the bejesus out of locals and make them utter Freddy’s name again once the body count rises. Monica Keena, who played rich bitch Abby Morgan on “Dawson’s Creek” (It’s best not to ask how I know that) is the big-breasted, virginal heroine, and Kelly Rowland is the ‘Dawn, whack, yo, a’ight?’ African American stereotype…er…best friend. But these guys aren’t all that interesting, what’s interesting to ponder is, How long with Jason let Freddy use him as his bitch? How long will Freddy let Jason have all the fun while he’s waiting on the sideline for his powers to be rejuvenated?

I really figured this was going to be a dog. I mean, we’ve been getting far too many self-referential horror films, far too many tired sequels, and far too many horror films that skimp on the violence and nudity to get a more ‘welcoming’ rating from the Classification Board morons. Add to that the gimmick of pitting two monster against one another, a gimmick that didn’t even work in “King Kong vs. Godzilla”, one of the least of the Toho series. But, although it cannot be the same as the 70s and 80s slasher films I grew up with (we live in different times), it’s as close as one can get- and it’s bloody too. Bloody good fun, with some interesting gore moments (and you just gotta love that opening recap of previous Freddy kills), and even my old friend Mr. Nudity (or is that Ms.?) pays us a visit. It ain’t Valhalla, but hell, it’ll do for now.

On the humour front, there’s certainly some fun to be had, and I’m definitely more of a Freddy fan than a Jason fan (especially the third Elm Street film), but even I found that drug-fuelled hallucination involving the Jason Mewes rip-off character was incredibly dumb and just plain weird. It’s the one surreal touch Yu gives us that seems out of place, the rest of the time, his direction is pretty inventive (even Katharine Isabelle‘s shower scene- now there‘s an uninhibited actress- is shot interestingly, and not just a “Psycho“ retread), and creates a nice, unsettling, almost other-worldly atmosphere (especially in the colour scheme).

Look, I haven’t really spoken much about what happens in the film, because it really is just more of the same, with a few twists here and there- and that’s how I like it. An old-school horror flick, except done with more skill (it even made me jump a few times…but then again, so did “The Goonies”) and a larger budget than most of the old slasher films. And the subplot involving the kids of Elm Street being drugged was quite fascinating for this sort of thing. This is the movie that very nearly makes up for having to sit through “Jason X”, “Halloween Resurrection”, and “Hellraiser: Inferno”. Very nearly.

Pretty much the best horror flick of the last few years, but that’s like saying “Halloween: Resurrection” wasn’t as bad as “Jason X”. It‘s worth watching simply because I didn‘t think it could still be done, and done reasonably well.

Reviewer: Phil Davies Brown @horrorasylum
Location:Scotland, UK
Review Date: 17 August 2003 My Rating: out of 5

After years of speculation,script, director and actor changes, huge hype and a big publicity push we finally get to see pizza face and maggot head slug it out on the big screen.

The teens of Elm Street haven't dreamt about Freddy Krueger for four years as unknown to them their parents have been feeding them Hypnocil to supress the nightmares. This, as you can imagine, has made Freddy very unhappy so by way of introduction he informs us that he has entered the nightmares of Jason Voorhees who he met in hell, and disguised as his mother sends him to Elm Street to invoke fear into the kids.

After a murder at Elm Street the local cops speculate that Freddy must be back causing the local teens to get suspicious and start digging up the past and what do you know, before long 'Freddy's home'.

I just knew that this film would live up to the hype!! Unlike many other films that we were promised would deliver the goods this one is bloody brilliant!!

Whilst the film didn't really feel like a Nightmare or a Friday film there were definite scenes that created the feeling of the respective series. Starting at Crystal Lake, the film quickly demonstrated the humour present in the virtual reality scene in 'Jason X' by having a nubile teen girl acting dumb for our enjoyment.

With the action moving to Elm Street, the film felt fresh and completely new. Yes the conventions of the 's slasher genre are all present and correct but the characters are clearly a product of the 's.

Whilst many critics have complained that the fast pace doesn't allow for characterisation, I cared for the characters, especially Linderman and Kia!! Yes that's right Kelly Rowland was my favourite character!

Yes Kelly does a Busta Rhymes on Freddy's ass, but she does it with such class and believeability that it actually turned out to be the funniest scene in the movie - and it was meant to be funny!! So for all you viewers out there who hate singers and rappers in your horror films don't worry Kelly is right up there with LL Cool J in H.

The deaths and fights are very bloody and the dream sequences are very eerie and wonderfully handled by Director Ronny Yu, so I urge you, if you aren't a fan of the previous films see this movie as it works well as a great stand alone effort but it is ultimately the fans who will get the most out of this film.

To all the critics. We don't expect Oscar worthy performances and powerful statements about society. We want to see two of the best bogeymen duke it out with a great cast amongst brilliant set pieces, and that is what we get!! We want a bloody good time and this is what this is!!

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