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Scary Movie 3
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Scary Movie 3 (2003)

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Plot Summary:
"You're warned in 2003. From the director "Airplane!" comes the final instalment of the hilarious Scary Movie trilogy. The story follows Cindy and her newly acquired friends as more strange things occur such as the appearance of crop circles and disturbing video tapes. Now Cindy has to discover the truth behind these mysterious happenings, in order to rid the world of evil... whilst being stalked by several crazy photographers."

Review by
Steven Davies
Follow me:
Review Date: 16 February 2004 My Rating: out of 5


After viewing and cringing through a whole sitting of Scary Movie 2 a few years ago I did have my reservations about a follow-up. But the trailer didn't look too bad and with David Zucker, Leslie Nielsen and Charlie Sheen back in the world of spoof it all seemed a pretty good idea. And looking back it probably wasn't that bad I guess.

As I mentioned previously Scary Movie 2 seemed a little rushed and obviously was trying to emulate the success (financially!) of the original. So I think the fact that my expectations of this movie were so way down in the gutter before I saw it, Scary Movie 3 turned out to be slightly and pleasantly surprising on occasions. It was over-the-top, madcap, and pure slapstick for the majority of the film but I can live with this. Like I said, I don't expect much else from these kind of movies.

The sexy Anna Faris returns as Cindy Campbell this time researching a cursed video which seems responsible for the deaths of all those who watch it. But the plot of 2002's 'The Ring' is combined mainly with that of sci-fi thriller 'Signs'. The plot, if shakey at best, tries its hardest to combine as many plot points it can and the constant convergence of familiar scenes from the forementioned movies does become a little uneven at times.

My more major antagonisms would have to be the lameness of the aliens (but hey, I guess that adds to the spoofy vibe), the fact that some scenes shown on the trailer don't actually show up in the film, and not enough screen time for Pamela and Jenny!

Slighty more improved than the original Scary Movie 3 stretches the realms of horror spoof into a wider range of genres. Decent mindless fun for a Sunday afternoon. A bit of a giggle on occassions and anyone who enjoys to see people being kicked in the nuts or thrown up into a ceiling fan should get a little more out of it. And with word on a possible 4th chapter in the pipeline being based more around super hero movies it does make you wonder how on Earth it should still carry the 'Scary Movie' title.

Reviewer: Phil Davies Brown @horrorasylum
Location:Scotland, UK
Review Date: 30 January 2004 My Rating: out of 5

The supposed final chapter in the trilogy still retains some of the originals slap stick humour, but is an altogether more mature attempt at spoofing the horror genre.

Cindy Campbell is now an anchorwoman covering a story on crop circles, which seems to be connected to a cursed video tape.

This time focusing on 'The Ring', 'Signs' and strangely '8 Mile', the film is only really funny in it's subtle moments, which are few and far between.

I had seen the trailer so many times (especially as it had it's release delayed here in the UK, due to the controversy surrounding Michael Jackson) that I didn't laugh at any of the scenes featured in it, and you could spot a mile off when they were about to occur. I must say however, that people actually did jump at one scene which is strange for a comedy.

Many of the capable cast members are drastically underused and you just know that a lot of footage was cut out (even scenes in the trailer didn't show up).

In the end, Scary Movie 3 is the usual mix of giggles and eye candy, but the very talented cast and Director should have produced much better work.

Not bad. It's definitely better than part 2 and worth seeing just for the hilarious Anna Faris and Regina Hall, who return as Cindy and Brenda respectively and have most of the best scenes.

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