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Blood and Chocolate
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Blood and Chocolate (2007)

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Plot Summary:
"With the Five on her tail, a young beautiful werewolf named Vivian (Bruckner) seeks peace in the arms of Aiden (Dancy) while escaping the never-ending infatuation Gabriel (Martinez) has on her. But when a string of accidental murders happen, this threatens to rip and expose her pack apart."

Review by
Phil Davies Brown
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Review Date: 20 March 2008 My Rating: out of 5


The gorgeous Agnes Bruckner stars as Vivian in this bland PG-13 teen drama about werewolves based on some chick-lit novel by some broad.

The film, which comes to us from the producers of Underworld (that says it all really) is a bit of a choppy, angsty mess which sees Vivian fall for artsy Aiden (Hugh Dancy) even though she is next in line to romp with Olivier Martinezís Gabriel. She has to decide who she wants to be with whilst working as a chocolatierís assistant. Isnít teen life hard?

Okay, okay, itís not as bad as people (or the awful trailer) made out. This was mauled by the critics upon release which is slightly unfair as it does add a few new touches to the werewolf sub-genre (silver in negatives = werewolf weapon) but I really didnít need to see half an hour of people leaping through the air before turning into balls of light and landing on four legs as wolves.

The cast are good and do their best with a bit of a dodgy script (itís all about the dialogue) and itís cool to see wolves as opposed to hulking human hybrids here.

In the end, I really wasnít even sure why it was called Blood and Chocolate as thereís very little of either on display. Halloween episodes of Dawsonís Creek were more terrifying than this and believe it or not, they were less angsty and talkative too.

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