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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Scare Kingdom in 2020

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When all hope was lost a select number of Halloween attractions announced they would open as planned with new safety measures in place so here’s 5 Reasons Why You Should absolutely Visit Scare Kingdom in 2020!

With 2020 completely written off for the most part it was touch and go whether or not we’d see any scare attractions open over the Halloween season.

As the weeks went by one after the other big Halloween events were announcing their cancellations.

This year’s scare season looked all but dead until…

Through the uncertainty fog came glimmers of light as theme parks such as Alton Towers and Thorpe Park announced their Halloween events were going ahead as planned.

Chessington and Legoland soon followed, Merlin Entertainments saved the day but what about the independent mazes?

Arguably the best mazes? The most intense mazes.

Well one of those companies who have been approved to go ahead with their planned events this year is Scare Kingdom.

Scare Kingdom sent us a beacon of hope by announcing 5 mazes and 2 scare experiences for the 2020 season and we headed down last night to opening night and we were blown away.

So much so that you just HAVE to head on down this Halloween if only to recover from this god awful year!

1. It’s Open and COVID Compliant 

The fact that Scare Kingdom is even open and going ahead is a miracle in itself.

With social distancing measures in place throughout the mazes and with certain removals of particular elements of each maze the scares are still right up there with some of the best mazes i’ve been in even before this pandemic madness.

Masks must be worn at all times throughout each maze and hand sanitiser is placed at every maze entrance with characters reminding you to cleanse before you enter their lair.

Only each bubble is allowed in at any given time. We went on a quieter opening press night but i imagine bubbles may extend queue times but trust us when we say they’re worth the wait.

2. Each Maze Is Insanely Detailed and Each Character Has A Rich Backstory 

Yes you heard me correctly, every character within Scare Kingdom has a rich backstory that is woven into the maze that they inhabitant.

The mazes themselves are so heavily themed they wouldn’t look out of place at a Universal Halloween Horror Nights.

Manormortis and Boby Snatchers: Chamber of Horrors are two of the most detailed scare mazes i’ve ever seen in my life.

Blitz: The Hunger has zero theming BUT the way in which you navigate the maze is the unique selling point and the bland nature of the maze fits the backstory of this particular experience well.

With aromaprime scents creating the atmosphere you may just take a second or two to look around you and truly appreciate just how beautiful some of the mazes truly are!

3. Socially Distanced Scares Work

Whether it’s a door slamming to the side of you, or a creature hiding in the depths ready to pop out Scare Kingdom have proved that scare mazes can work in this new world we’re adapting to.

Each actor had a distance between us and I was worried it may dampen the experience especially if they’re not able to get up close to you but I was wrong.

We had actors behind and in front of us at times and as they were closing in (at a safe distance) we had to dart down corridors or head down alternative routes.

I really enjoyed this as I rarely feel nervous or tense in a scare maze but this cornering technique worked well and some extra loud jump scares also did the trick!

4. It’s A Throughly Enjoyable Night Out 

With five scare mazes and 2 experiences there’s certainly enough to keep you occupied. 

It took us 90 minutes to do the full experience from start to finish with Psychomanteum being the optional and only upcharge attraction charged at £6 per body.

Should you decide to do it or not you exit outside to a bar area serving alcohol drinks and food.

There are many spaced out tables within this courtyard and scare actors are serving your food and drink.

You order at the bar and then they bring it on over to your table.

Naturally the bar closes at 10pm due to new laws but you’re out of the house, you’ll most definitely have fun and the atmosphere is incredible and COVID secure.

5. Psychomanteum Is A Twisted Experience That Must Not Be Missed!

The 18+ experience rated ‘The UK’s sickest attraction’ is back again for 2020 with their new incarnation ’Scared Stiff’.

Whilst admittedly the experience is considerably toned down as a result of the pandemic it’s still worth a visit to check out the absolutely weird and downright twisted events that happen within the maze.

This experience isn’t for the faint hearted or the easily offended.

Whilst I didn’t feel it was worth the £6 upcharge it was certainly a unique experience that made me leave feeling a little dirty, but a little awesome at the same time.

But i’m a bit twisted so if you’re that way inclined too then check it out, I dare you.

For more information on Scare Kingdom in 2020 head on over to https://www.scarekingdom.com

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