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Spooky World Scare Mazes Ranked From Best to Worst

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We headed to Warrington over the last few days to check out Spooky World, one of only a handful of horror scare maze attractions open this season. Here we rank the Spooky World scare mazes best to worst.

Slaughter House

Slaughter House Spooky World

Easily the best of the bunch but certainly a maze that paid more respect to social distancing.

All actors were absolutely miles away from you and whilst this did dettach you from the scares you could appreciate the theming more and the acting was certainly the most intense as despite the distance they went over the top with providing a cool engaging experience.

With Spooky World being based on a farm the metal shed farm buildings certainly matched this maze perfectly.

The scene was already set and the maze stood out head and shoulders above the rest.


Carnevil Scare Maze

A crazy clown maze complete with UV painted walkways and intense strobe lighting and effects.

Carnevil was packed full of actors going out of their way to embrace their inner crazy.

Whilst once again this maze wasn’t scary there was certainly a lot more happening around you.

Being inside a metal shed they had disgused the environment quite well with narrow corridors and minimal theming that drawed you in to the next room.

The second I entered the maze I had a jump scare which is rare for me within a scare maze so for that reason alone this maze is placed a solid second on my Spooky World 2020 maze list.

It was like walking through the equivalent of a bad horror remake but it was certainly a step above the next few attractions at this years event.

Haunted House

The Haunting House of Horrors

This was certainly a maze where a name change would be most appropriate.

The maze didn’t resemble a house (just a metal shed) and there were no rooms of any kind to walkthrough.

Every scene was quite jumbled and all over the place and whilst the acting was good in parts (especially a plague doctor scene) the theming was mostly poor and the atmosphere was severley lacking.

Quite a disappointing maze but certainly not the biggest disappointments of the evening as they were to come.

Field of Screams

Field of Screams Spooky World

Now this maze had potential.

Situated in a corn field you must navigate the field as various creatures would jump out as you walked around.

However, on our runthrough the muddy, soggy corn field maze had just 7 actors inside throughout our 9 minute walkthrough.

For 9 minutes we were just walking around an empty cornfield in the dark with a torch just trying not to slip over.

A severley wasted opportunity and a huge waste of time.

Haunted Hayride

Haunted Hayride Spooky World

Jumping on board the back of a tractor was a cool experience but driving through forest and dark fields for 10 minutes wasn’t the haunted experience this was billed to me.

At various intervals we were sprayed with water and at the end we were actually jetwashed but that was about it.

More missed opportunities and an overall dull and uninspired experience.

Tunnel of Terror

Tunnel of Terror

Into a dark tunnel we went, two flashlights in our face and a popper hitting the floor creating a nice bang and out the other side we came.

How on earth this was listed as an attraction is beyond me.

Truly the worst scare maze / attraction i’ll ever experience.

Tunnel of Terror was truly, truly awful.

For more information about the Spooky World scare mazes and to book your tickets head on over to https://www.spookyworld.co.uk

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