Tuesday, January 26

A New MTV Clip For ‘The Uninvited’ Remake

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MTV have unleashed a new exclusive clip for the new horror-thriller ‘The Uninvited’, the remake of Kim Jee-Woon’s 2003 Korean horror film ‘Changhwa Hongryon’, better known to most of us as ‘A Tale of Two Sisters’. Please note though guys that this trailer can only be viewed by US residents.

You can check out the High Def Quicktime clip here: The Uninvited clip

Fear not rest of the world though, at least check out the plot summary below.

“Based on Kim Jee-Woon’s 2003 Korean horror film, “Changhwa Hongryon,” “The Uninvited” revolves around Anna (Emily Browning), who returns home after spending time in the hospital following the tragic death of her mother. Her recovery suffers a setback when she discovers her father (David Strathairn) has become engaged to her mother’s former nurse, Rachel (Elizabeth Banks). That night, Anna is visited by her mother’s ghost, who warns her of Rachel’s intentions. Together, Anna and her sister (Arielle Kebbel) try to convince their father that his current fiancee is not who she pretends to be, and what should have been a happy family reunion becomes a lethal battle of wills between stepdaughters and stepmother.”

The ‘The Uninvited’ stars Emily Browning, Elizabeth Banks, Arielle Kebbel and David Strathairn. Thomas Guard and Charles Guard are helming the remake from a script by Craig Rosenberg, Doug Miro and Carlo Bernard.

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