Saturday, January 23

Amber’s Legs Highlight ‘Drive Angry 3D’ Pics

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Writer/director Patrick Lussier is no stranger to the horror/thriller genre with already numerous projects that include ‘My Bloody Valentine’ and ‘White Noise: The Light’ under his belt, as well as being in current negotiations to helm the third movie in the newly revived and reimagined  ‘Halloween’ franchise. So should we all be excited about his latest project ‘Drive Angry 3D’? Yeah I think we should be. The Nicolas Cage vehicle (no pun intended) has just revealed a batch of new stills from the high octane 3D movie. Check them out below.

The new images show the stars Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard (below), ‘Twilight’s Billy Burke and the always entertaining William Fichtner.

“Nicolas Cage stars as Milton, a hardened felon who has broken out of hell for one last chance at redemption. Intent on stopping a vicious cult who murdered his daughter, he has three days to stop them before they sacrifice her baby beneath a full moon.

But the bloodthirsty cult is the least of Milton’s problems. The police are after him too. And worse, an enigmatic killer known only as “The Accountant” – who has been sent by the Devil to retrieve Milton and deliver him back to hell. With wicked cunning and hypnotic savagery, the Accountant will relentlessly pursue Milton at high speed across the country until his mission is accomplished. Fueled by high octane and pure rage, Milton must use his anger to go beyond all human limits to avenge his daughter’s murder, before his last chance at redemption is revoked.”

Revenge in the eyes of ‘Drive Angry 3D’ star Nicolas Cage
Drive Angry 3D star Nicolas Cage

Hot stuff! ‘Drive Angry 3D’ hottie Amber Heard warms up the sit as ‘Piper’
Drive Angry 3D star Amber Heard

‘Drive Angry 3D’ star Billy Burke is the evil cult leader
Drive Angry 3D star Billy Burke

‘Drive Angry 3D’ star William Fichtner as ‘The Accountant’
Drive Angry 3D star William Fichtner

‘Drive Angry 3D’ is currently in post-production and will hit US theatres in glorious 3D on 11 February 2011. And just in case you’re bored here’s another gratis pic of Amber Heard.

‘Drive Angry 3D’ star Amber Heard goes topless 
Drive Angry 3D star Amber Heard goes Topless

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