Monday, January 18

Could Newly Available Charlize Theron Lead in Untitled ‘Alien’ Prequel?

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It’s been over a month now since we reported anything on Ridley Scott’s ‘Untitled Alien Prequel #1’, mostly due to the fact that the rumours and speculation hitting the media day in and day out was getting tiresome. However, some interesting developments (if indeed they turn out to be factual at all) surrounding the female lead role has arised. According to Vulture it seems that Fox are now keen to hire the newly available actress, and bonafied hottie, Charlize Theron – below (after pulling out of Clint Eastwood’s ‘J. Edgar’ – she was set to play Helen Gandy). Word is though that director Scott is adament that Norwegian actress Noomi Rapace (‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’) should take the role. So only time will tell as to who’ll win this battle.

“The story follows a group of space travelers who encounter a monstrous alien creature that picks them off, one by one.” – Apparently.

The Gorgeous Charlize Theron As Hot as Ever in Her Swim Suit
The Gorgeous Charlize Theron As Hot as Ever in Her Swim Suit

Charlize Theron – Stunning
Charlize Theron - Stunning

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