Sunday, January 24

Hilary Swank Signs On For Psychological Thriller ‘Dreams of a Dying Heart’

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Hilary Swank is certainly notching up her genre credits through her career. With ‘The Gift’, ‘The Reaping’ and Antti Jokinen’s upcoming horror thriller ‘The Resident’ already on her resume Miss Swank (below) has hopped on board new psychological thriller ‘Dreams of a Dying Heart’. Penned by Shawn Lawrence Otto for Intandem Films ‘Dreams of a Dying Heart’ won’t arrive theatrically until sometime in 2012. You can read the full synopsis below.

“Rachel Watson (Hilary Swank), who returns home after surviving a fatal chopper crash, but soon after her husband Dan and 16-year old daughter Clara meet her at the airport, strange things begin to happen. The ghost of a boy dressed in blue seems to be haunting her. She wakes up screaming and covered in blood. Pictures of her are missing from the wall. Odd voices are on the phone. And a strange middle-easterner is in her house, slowly seducing her daughter, and is somehow in league with the unbalanced wife of a soldier Rachel slept with on her tour of duty. Soon Rachel begins to realize that reality is not at all as it seems, and that she’s in a fight for her very life – and that of her only daughter.”

Hilary Swank’s Lucky Pillow Hides Between Her Legs
Hilary Swank's Lucky Pillow Hides Between Her Legs

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