Saturday, January 23

New Teaser for Pang Brothers ‘Child’s Eye’

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The Pang brothers, Oxide and Danny, who’s previous genre efforts include horror trilogy ‘The Eye’ and the less than impressive ‘The Messengers’, are back with a new 3D installment in their ‘Eye’ horror franchise, ‘Child’s Eye’. And an early teaser poster has arrived online which you can check out below.

“Stranded in Thailand by the political uprising and airport closure, Rainie and her friends were unable to return home. Reluctantly, they decide to stay in an aged and shabby hotel. Among them is Rainie’s almost-breakup boyfriend, Lok, Ling and her brother Rex and Ciwi with her beloved boyfriend, Hei. The moment they check into the hotel…they come across three weird children and a puppy that seems slightly odd. As strange and sinister things start to happen, they begin disappearing one after another.”

‘Child’s Eye’ will arrive in theatres in Hong Kong later this Summer.

Childs Eye 3D One Sheet Poster

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