Tuesday, January 19

Perlman Won’t Be Surprised To See ‘Hellboy 3’

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‘Hellboy 2’ is having a surprisingly good run at the moment both here in the UK and the US charts. Great news and well deserved for director Guillermo Del Toro. MovieHole have been chatting to Hellboy actor Ron Perlman on the chances of a third Hellboy movie coming to fruition.

“This ride we’re on, opening number one at the box office, that’s just icing on what was already the most delicious cake I’d ever bitten into,” Perlman tells Moviehole’s Guy Davis. “Nothing’s been announced but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a third, particularly on the heels of Hellboy II’s success. And I know Guillermo has an incredibly well-articulated idea about what the third movie needs to be. It’ll answer a lot of questions. It almost needs to happen because with the ideas that he has about closing the trilogy, it would be a shame for it go unfinished.”

You can read the rest of Ron’s wise words over at MovieHole.

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