Sunday, January 24

‘Predators’ Looking For Some Hawaii Shooting

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Robert Rodriguez is having to scout out alternative locations outside of his Troublemaker Studios, based in Austin, Texas for his upcoming production of ‘Predators’. The sequel, to be directed by Nimrod Antal, is set to begin its principal photography on September 28, and it looks like Hawaii may be one of the locations on the cards.

Tim Ryan’s Reel Hawaii has reported that the producers have been looking into shooting some external scenes on the island. If they do decide to shoot there it will be for an 18 day period at some point in October.

Previous reports have mentioned that the action for the proposed sequel will focus mainly on the Predators home planet but surely with scouting in Hawaii there is going to be some jungle action too? Well time will tell.

‘Predators’ is set for a July 7th 2010 US release date.

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