Friday, April 16

All Through The House (2015)

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Director Todd Nunes’s festive slasher movie has garnered a huge amount of buzz online since it was announced, so horror fans have been extremely eager to check this one out. After waiting patiently for what felt like an eternity, the film was released here in the UK on November 21st and I for one couldn’t wait to check it out.

The film centers on Rachel Kimmel, (Ashley Mary Nunes) who has come home for Christmas. Her arrival coincides with the appearance of a deranged killer who starts hacking his way through the residents of her hometown. Could the killing spree be related to the disappearance of a little girl years previously?

Considering this is a low budget indie film, it looks and sounds great. It’s well photographed (making great use of the traditional red and green Christmas colours), stuffed full of gory killings and actually has a pretty decent storyline which is carried by surprisingly good actors (who is Lito Velasco and where has he been hiding!?).

Part of the charm of ‘All Through the House’ for me personally, were it’s nods to other genre films, whether intentional or otherwise, however, I could actually see that putting a lot of viewers off, making them dismiss it as a cheap rip-off of other horror classics.

Todd Nunes, his cast and crew have all obviously put a lot of work into making the project the best it could be under the circumstances. The whole package from the cover art to the look of the killer to the fun use of colour is truly great.

If you keep your expectations in check, you’ll have a lot of fun watching this. It was actually quite different to what I was expecting. The film isn’t on a par with the likes of Black Christmas (nor should it be compared to that film). I would say it’s more like a festive companion piece to Jake Helgren’s recent slasher throwback films ‘Bloody Homecoming’ and ‘Varsity Blood’.

Fans of Christmas themed horror movies have been spoilt for choice the past few years and I thought we’d peaked last Christmas with ‘Krampus’ and the awesome ‘A Christmas Horror Story’, but ‘All Through the House’ is my top pick for Christmas 2016.

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