Wednesday, December 2

Children of the Corn (1984)

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I had wanted to see this movie for a while before I actually forked out and bought it at my local video store. I had read Stephen King’s short story of the same title, and was intrigued as to just how the story would be transferred from the page onto the screen. I was surprised at how different the movie was to my expectations. For one, it is an almost wholly character-driven story, with very little violence enacted, but more suggested.

Director Fritz Kiersch took a bold move in making this movie so daringly suggestive and character-driven, especially in a genre that tries to be exploitive as heck most of the time. The cast is wonderiful, especially Linda Hamilton and Peter Horton, who almost make the movie with their great perofrmances. The young cast is also very good, John Franklin as ‘Isaac’ creating a believeably powerful leader, and Courtney Gains as ‘Malachai’ having such presence on the screen that you couldn’t help but feel oveshadowed by him.

The movie kind of spins out of control a little towards the end, and it all gets a little confusing. But then the climax is excellently-worked, with some nice effects and a satisfying resolution.

Although at times the movie almost comes to a complete stand-still, where nothing happens, this is still a masterpiece straight from the mind of Stephen King. A great movie with some worthy special effects, and some effective scenes. A must-see for all King and Linda Hamilton fans!

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