Wednesday, December 2

Dead Snow (2009)

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I’m watching Dead Snow again and figured I’d try to spread the good word about it to all of you loyal readers. This has been one of the best horror movies I’ve seen in the last couple years without a doubt.

Dead Snow follows an unlucky group of medical students to a remote cabin in the snowy mountains. All they want is a relaxing trip just to get away from it all. Sounds fun right? Skiing, snowmobiling, 45 min walk to get to your car, no cell phones, Nazi zombies that want to cut your head off and eat you. May or may not be in that order. What more could you ask for in a winter break? But, of course Mr. Killjoy comes up and makes himself at home and drops the bomb on these kids about its dangerous past. What a way to ruin a good buzz.

After a somewhat sleepless night Vegard goes and looks for his girlfriend, Sara. She was being the adventurous of the group and goes cross country skiing to the cabin hoping to arrive before the other ones. We see how well that went within the first 2 mins of the credits. While he is away, the others make a pretty big find. Apparently, someone left a big box of the Nazi’s gold coins and treasure in the cabin’s storage area. We don’t want to make it too hard for our friends at the cabin. Although we do want to get into the blood and gore as soon as possible, so bring on the loot!! That old guy wasn’t as crazy as they thought I guess. Bet they wish they followed his advice and made better coffee. Oops, too late, a severed head in the window. Time for the good stuff.

So much bloody fun and gore. Sometimes you don’t know if you want to cheer for the Nazi’s or the kids in the cabin. Those zombies can really tear shit up! Its really too bad that Vegard is out on his search for Sara, because he seems like the best bet for survival. Everyone back at the cabin shows all the signs of disposable characters with some really good one liners.

I think its awesome that Tommy Wirkola made this movie before he was even 30 years old. The special effects, make up, soundtrack, and feel of the movie are all awesome. I assume he feels the same way about the horror genre that a lot of us do. You can really tell by the way he gave us Dead Snow. I really hope to see some more out of this guy. He is pretty new to the movie industry, but, I think he has proven himself well able to make a film that is beyond fun.

Bottom line. If you are a fan of zombie comedy even just a little bit, you need to see this movie. I’ve seen it 3 times now and its still funny with each viewing. See if you can find the homage to other movies as well, there are plenty of them. I have no problem giving this movie a 5 star rating. Its that damn good, and even better on blu ray if you get the chance. There is a moral to Dead Snow.. Listen to the crazy old guy in the mountains. And, don’t mess with Nazi zombie gold… They’ll rip your guts out.

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