Wednesday, December 2

F (2010)

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I’m a fan of the blood and gore just as much as the next lunatic. But, sometimes it’s a nice change to watch a quality thriller without the need for gallons of blood and body parts. Movies with potentially real situations are pretty damn scary too, that shit can really happen to you!! Have you picked up a paper recently? Kids are going nuts. Showing up at school with a full arsenal ready to blow everyone away. It has to be on every teachers mind… who in my class is capable of killing me?

Writer and director Johannes Roberts isn’t new to the horror scene. Other movies include Darkhunters, Hellbreeder, Forrest of the Damned and upcoming Forrest of the Damned 2. Also starring a well known David Schofield from Wolfman, Valkyrie, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Gladiator, just to name a few. Schofield stars as Robert Anderson, a teacher faced with the dangerous task of coming to work and grading papers.

Mr. Anderson seems like a smart guy, pretty sure of himself, but comes off a little to cocky when delivering an F instead of a RS (resubmit). The embarrassment is apparently too much for the kid, and he bloodies Anderson and knocks him on his ass. The whole event isn’t looked upon very good by the school board. Threats of a law suit keep the kid in school and turn Anderson into a castaway of sorts. 11 months later, he is back to teaching and has fallen apart. Its too bad when you need a bottle of Jack just to make it through the day because you’re scared of your own students. Fellow teachers, the students, and even his daughter think of him as a waste of space. How sudden your life can change because of fear.

Tonight a group of students sneak back into the school, but its for a different kind of extra credit. They seem more like ninja monkeys though. The way these hooded kids are jumping around the walls and book shelves just coming out of nowhere. Its pretty creepy. Like a pack of vicious animals they stalk the faculty members. Using their surroundings the group find inventive ways to torture and kill their prey. Anderson and his daughter need to get out of that school.

Faculty or student, it doesn’t matter.. You’re all dead. F, has the type of killers I always thought where the best. The silent psycho type. No regret, no hesitation.. Slaughter everyone. My only complaint was, the movie was way too short. This movie was quite the diamond in the rough. I heard very little about it up until the last couple months. I hope it gets some more attention over here in the states. The violence in schools is a huge problem. We’re not too far from something like this happening. Maybe parents need to go back to beating their kids or something. Haha

David Schofield delivers an awesome performance and Johannes Roberts seals the deal for me as a director and horror writer. Its not a movie for the gore goers. But, it is a quality thriller that deserves to be seen. F, it’s grade I didn’t see much of during school. Fortunately I was a straight D student. Wonder if this movie is affecting grades as we read this? Might want to reconsider that next failing grade and pass along a solid D+. May save your life!

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