Tuesday, January 26

Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (1987)

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Deciding to go the sequel in name only route didn’t spoil my enjoyment of this demonic sequel.

It’s 1957 and prom night at Hamilton High. Queen bitch Mary Lou Maloney has just been caught in the arms of another man by her boyfriend Bill.

Deciding to get his own back, he foolishly throws a smoke bomb on stage
just as Mary Lou is about to be crowned prom queen, however things don’t
go to plan and Mary Lou is torched alive.

30 years later, promising pupil Vicki Carpenter is hot contender to be
prom queen and Mary Lou Maloney’s vengeful spirit is hell bent on becoming
queen and no one is going to stop her!

The film tackles the horror possession sub genre quite well and it
actually ties in well with the whole teens going through puberty and
changing their behaviour and attitudes angle.

The acting is quite good for an 80’s slasher considering Michael Ironside is the only familiar face here, and the effects work which is surprisingly
of a high standard complementing the incredibly gory death scenes.

Credit must be given to the producers for going a different route and it must have paid off as there were two further sequels, and a re-make of the
original is in the works.

A decent effort, with sympathetic and fun characters, ends up being a lot
of fun.

Phil Davies Brown
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