Wednesday, December 2

Monsters (2010)

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I remember seeing previews for Monsters a while ago and kept thinking it looked really awesome. I like the occasional, “If it really happened….” movie to get me thinking what I would do in a situation like that. That’s the vibe I got off of this one anyway. I sure hope its good. It was $10 download and rent off the PS3 Shop. They did a similar set up like Survival of the Dead, pre release the movie for rental even before its out in the theaters. I just hope that its not a sign of a crappy movie like SotD was.

Monsters takes place 6 years after a space probe crash landed in the northern part of Mexico. This space probe was sent to collect samples of the alien life found in our solar system. After the crash, new life began to emerge. Most of northern Mexico becomes an infected zone, and starts showing signs of new life forms. Samantha Wynden (Whitney Able) is an injured tourist that meets up with Andrew Kaulder (Scoot McNairy) who agrees to help her get to the Mexican American border. That means they have to cross the INFECTED ZONE. That’s where all the monsters hang out and sharpen their teeth on human bones. Not sure about that part yet. They might just be gigantic misunderstood softies. That would make for an interesting twist huh?

You don’t see much of the monsters right away. There is a quick military scene fighting a huge octopus looking thing. But, after that most of what we see is some of the carnage caused by these things. Tanks ripped apart, helicopters that have fallen out of the sky, buildings destroyed, and giant fences put up to mark the infected zones. And, the occasional background television shot of the creatures getting shot at. Always from a distance and no real detail. Reminds me a little of Cloverfield. When Kaulder and Samantha get closer the transport to the states they find out it is FAR from cheap to get a ride past the infected zones. $5000 for a boat ride through the Gulf of Mexico, damn. I’m gonna guess they don’t get a full boat ride though.

Alien action never really gets off the ground, in a way we would normally expect it. There isn’t any laser blasts, no cheesy action one liners, and there isn’t any countdown to world domination. What we get is some really good character development and spectacular special effects, topped off with some above average acting. We don’t see a ton of the creatures that inhabit the infected zone. Its more off camera queues that the ET’s are near, or we see a leg or ten. The creature references and screen time were just a hair below what I would have liked to see after all is said and done. Just a tad bit more and it would have been a 5 star movie.

Here is what I read… This movie was made with a total of $15,000. I call bull shit, annnnnnd, I hope I’m wrong. The movie was filmed on location in Mexico, and apparently Monsters was only thrown together with the 2 actors, and whoever was around at that time paid for their parts. If this movie and the special effects were made possible for only $15,000. We need to get some different people running finance in these Hollywood blockbusters. Because, if you did this movie with only 15k. Then you going to find work for a loooong time.

Monsters isn’t your average sci fi invasion movie. Its different and it tells a different story. We see a more real to life experience with our characters, rather than some Independence Day film. Monsters is a different kind of sci fi. Who knows how we would react to a situation like this. Based on the way the movie was set up, I can see it happening. Could the creatures be like this? Who the hell knows. Hell yeah they could. Monsters did give me that, “If it could happen…” feel too. In the end, maybe it is US that will have to adapt. Be prepared though.. Its not your average alien movie. I would surely give this movie a rent. If you have $10 you are not planning anything with, go ahead and rent the movie off of the PS3 Store.

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