Sunday, January 24

Scream (1996)

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So here is the film responsible for the complete revival of the ‘Teen Horror movie’ genre… and what a film it is! Kevin Williamson’s sharp-as-a-knife script is both scary and incredibly witty at the same time, and Wes Craven is undounbtedly at his best here as he delivers a dark yet sardonic horror that obviously was one from the start that would turn a few heads. This is a taught, but admittedly-funny homage back to the hay-days of Horror.

After a shocking opening sequence in an isolated country home involving Drew Barrymore – a scene that will no doubt go down in history as one of the most revelatory pieces of horror since Psycho’s infamous shower scene, and is one of the most involving and frightening scenes of the ninties – we are introduced to Sidney Prescott, one of the more impressive female roles ever written for this genre. Neve Cambpell is excellent as the knowing Sidney, and her heart-felt, emotionally-driven performance is one that cannot help but send chills down the spine. Courteney Cox gives a spirited and surprisingly-brilliant turn as bitchy reporter Gale Weathers – quite a change from the innocent Monica we know from Friends. Other cast members are also impressive, including Skeet Ulrich whose portrayal of a boyfriend-gone-mad is one that is almost unmatched in cinema and convinces even after repeated viewings (has anybody checked that actor’s mental records lately?).

Marco Beltrami’s offbeat, inventive score is completely different to anything I’ve ever heard in any movie, and really gives Scream a whole new dimension of surprise and originality. This is just one aspect of a movie that simply oozes fresh, original material. In truth, nothing much bad can really be found in Scream – it is something of a rarity in its comlpeteness and disability to come across as bad in any way.

A brilliantly witty and undeniably scary homage back to the Horror hay-days of the ‘s, Scream is a great movie. Filled with spirited performances, vibrant characters and original deaths, this is definitely the definitive slasher of the ‘s.

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