Sunday, January 24

The Final (2010)

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Every year I look forward to the ‘8 Films to Die for’ from After Dark Films. The Final was one that was on the top of my list. It was a little bit different than the rest of the movies, and looked creepy as hell.

The Final is about that group of high school students that, unfortunately, have a target on them for the popular kids in school to take shots at. Being pushed and smacked around only scratches the surface of what these poor kids are put through. Everyone that has ever been that age knows all to well about the helplessness these kids feel. At one point in your lives, you can relate to them. These kids make a plan to push back. Something that will make their tormentors regret every moment of the lives they ruined. There is a party tonight, all the cool kids are invited, and there is a reason for that. Its exactly what the hosts had planned. Smoke it up, drink some more, because the outcasts of the school are about to turn the tables and ruin some lives of their own. Everything is working out very well. They all load up on the heavily spiked punch. When the mystery drink kicks in, that’s when the fun begins. Passed out and chained to the floor, one by one they partygoers awaken and come face to face with years of pent up rage and calculated revenge. ‘The good news is, we don’t plan to kill you. The bad news is, you’ll wish we did.’

After talking with the writer and producer, Jason Kabolati, I was even more excited for this movie. When I asked him, ‘Do you think this movie is going to hit home for the viewers?’ Jason responded with, ‘I hope it does hit home for some… bullying is a real problem. There are kids out there right now who are on the edge of desperation because they do not have the tools to deal with such things. Some plan to harm themselves to end the torment and pain. It’s sad. Whether we like it or not, there is truth in this movie. The more we explore it, the better off we will be.’

I like this type of movie. Its a little different than what we’ve been used to in the last few years. Unfortunately, its not very different than some of what we’ve seen in real life. I have to say, out of the Horrorfest movies I’ve seen so far this year. This one is my favorite. If you’re looking for something a little different that relies more on suspense than blood and gore. This is a great movie to check out. I really found myself sympathizing for these kids that turned into emotionless sociopaths. You can check out my interview with writer/producer here –> Jason Kabolati interview.

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