Sunday, January 24

The Human Centipede (2009)

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Ever get that feeling when you’re out driving on a dark and stormy night that you REALLY don’t want to have any car problems? This movie, is one of those reasons you feel that way. Because one min you’re cruising around with your friend on vacation, and the next min, you’re getting drugged by a mad doctor with a crazy desire to link human beings to… more human beings. This just isn’t your night.

I read about Human Centipede a few months ago and it gave me the chills. I can handle zombies, vampires, and all sorts of supernatural crap. But, put me in a room with some centipedes and I will scream like a 2 year old girl. After reading more about it, I thought this movie sounds pretty promising. Then I read that some of the test screeners walked out because a few scenes were so disturbing. That sealed the deal for me. Also, seeing that IFC Films released this made it easier to watch too. They released some pretty awesome horror movies. Pontypool, Dead Snow, and Black Sheep are some other movies you should check out too.

Dr. Heiter is a retired surgeon that used to specialize in separating Siamese twins. His new hobby is kidnapping, murdering, and performing horrific experiments on his human captives. Its been a long time fantasy of Dr. Heiter to create a human centipede by joining their gastric systems together. Lindsay and Jenny, are the two Americans who find shelter with Dr. Heiter at the beginning of the film. They awaken to see they aren’t the first to be held against their will. Another man is also in his possession, but, for some reason the Dr decides he just won’t fit. In comes Katsuro, the new third piece. Katsuro is selected to be the ‘head’ piece of Heiter’s creation.

When you start to really dwell on this idea and try to put yourselves into the heads of our test subjects. You realize that this movie is indeed pretty sick. Now, surprisingly, there isn’t much gore in the film. I would have thought surely we would be seeing tons of it. But, nope. Plenty of disturbing images that make you say, ‘What the..?’ Funny thing, the tag line says, ‘100% medically accurate.’ Wonder if that’s true? Already there is a second movie in the works too. Hopefully the acting will be much better in the second film. Dieter Laser does a fantastic job as Dr. Heiter. He really carries the movie. Unlike his costars, which I’m a little glad they didn’t have much for speaking roles a little ways into the movie. Maybe having their mouths attached to some ass will motivate them into some better skills. Might get them more speaking roles.

If you like the independent horror / suspense films, you’ll probably enjoy Human Centipede. Reading the premise I had the impression that we would see a little of the gruesome details. It was pretty lacking in that though. Not sure why anyone needed to leave a theater because of it. Thankfully Dieter Laser got into his role really well. If it was anyone else with less character, I probably wouldn‘t have liked the movie near as much. If you’re looking for something new and creative. Human Centipede does a good job. If you’re looking for action, blood, and gore. It doesn’t deliver too well. This is a movie that does deserve to be at least rented if you’re looking for something new and different.

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