Wednesday, November 25

The Ruins (2008)

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When a group of students take a vacation to Mexico it turns in to a real nightmare, Jonathan Tucker (Jeff), who also played in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) did a fantastic job as medical school student that likes to have fun. Jeff and his girlfriend Amy (Jena Malone) alone with there friends Eric and Stacy meet a man named Mathias who knows of a ruin that nobody else knows of. Mathias talks the group in to coming with him to visit.

When I first herd of this film I was thinking it was going to be somewhat like The Descent (I loved that movie) but it was alot different. The feel of this film will creep you out the lighting, to the sound it’s nearly perfect, I looked over at my girlfriend during this movie and she was actually crying she was so scared. Also the movie was not too gory but its still one you mother doesn’t want too watch with you, well ok it puts Hostel to shame. I have been waiting for a movie like this for a long time now, I really enjoyed this movie.

To get straight to the point this movie was surprisingly very good, one of the best film over the past few years. This movie is definitly worth you few bucks at the local theater. This movie was not what I expected but I’m glad it wasn’t it was so much better that I had expected. I can’t wait for the DVD to it the streets I bet it will be loaded with extra feathers, you will definitly have a review of it when it hits.

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