Sunday, January 24

Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (2009)

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Ever since I heard that Cabin Fever was coming out with a sequel I was REALLY excited. I loved what Eli Roth did with the first CF. Its probably in my top 10 horror movies even. I was a little more than disappointed when I read that Ti West was directing. After more information became available I was starting to get back my excitement for the movie. Ti appeared to be very serious about making this a good quality film. Even Eli Roth made positive comments about Ti’s abilities. Maybe it won’t be so bad after all. Fast forward a little while and we’re still waiting on any news about Cabin Fever 2. The movie was apparently finished and ready to go since 2007, but, we still didn’t have a release date yet. Here is what happened. After the movie was finished, it was supposedly edited very heavily, and had some re-shooting done. According to Ti West, he asked to have his name removed from the film and disowned it all together. Saying that Cabin Fever 2 is more the work of the executives and less his own. Lets see how this holds up to the first film. Got a few cold beers and I’m ready.

Anyone else out there get the feeling that a movie is going to be good or bad within the first few mins of watching it? Me too, and this one isn’t looking too good. Even the opening credits made me say, ‘WTF?’ Its Scooby-Doo type animation during the opening credits that lead us into the plot of the movie. It seems the flesh eating disease that polluted the water from the first film makes its way into a bottled water plant, and after its processing makes its way to the high school just in time for the prom. John (Noah Segan: Dead Girl) and Dane (Alex Thomas) are your average underachievers without dates to the prom and seem to get smacked around whenever the chances arise. As the students are getting ready for the dance, they start to show signs of drinking the water, finger nails and teeth falling out here and there, blood in their urine, and mouth sores. Giuseppe Andrews returns as Officer ‘Party man’ Winston. He does a really good job of playing the character you hate. When a delivery driver for the bottled water practically deteriorates in front of him he figures out there is some bad stuff going down. He isn’t the only one either. A strange hazmat type group is locking the school down after the festivities have already started. They get deadly serious about nobody getting out also. Gets pretty typical after that. John, Dane, and Cassie trying to escape before they get caught by disease, the clean up crew, and even other crazed students.

I must say that the special effects in CF2 are lacking something. Oh, quality, thats it. You can tell that the prom set is just tarps set up for easy clean up of all the blood. Noah Segan and Giuseppe Andrews held their own on the acting part, just wish I could say the same about the rest. Gore, gore, gore… and, if you’re wanting even more gore. They give it to you. There are some very gross scenes. I think I hit my 2nd – 4th ‘WTF?’ in the last half of the movie. Unfortunately its not well placed.

I didn’t care for this movie. The only thing that kept me from turning it off was, I wanted to see how it ended. It makes me wonder how Ti West’s version compared to this junk. Someone thought this was better I guess. I’m very glad Rider Strong had a 2 min part. I have grown to be a fan of his horror movies, and I don’t want to associate this movie with his others. I do not recommend this movie at all. There is nothing positive about it. Plot holes, senseless gore, and just over all stupid doesn’t cover it. My 6 pack of beer didn’t even help one bit. I gotta say, only fans of gore with no interest in the rest of the movie might want to give it a couple stars or more. Save the hour and a half and do something more with it, like trim your toe nails.

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