Wednesday, December 2

Lost Boys: The Thirst (2010)

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There probably isn’t many people reading this that has not seen the original Lost Boys movie. If you haven’t… stop reading right now and watch it!! This is how a teen vampire movie is suppose to be made. Edward who? Twilight isn’t worthy of holding Tim Cappello’s sweaty leather pants. I have been on constant excitement mode since hearing about the first sequel to Lost Boys. I can’t help but feel a little let down by it though. But, at the same time, it was good to see some life in the movie thanks to Edgar Frog (Corey Feldman).

Somewhat new to the horror genre, Dario Piana hops on to direct. He directed The Deaths of Ian Stone, which I was impressed with. There is an awesome new drug out called Thirst being handed out at underground raves. These raves are just a cover to convert unsuspecting party goers into cronies for the suspected head vampire, DJ X. His actions don’t go unnoticed either. Gwen Lieber is a vampire novelist who’s brother goes missing after attending one of these raves. Who ya gonna call? With an offer Edgar can’t refuse, and a vampire hunting army worthy enough to slay the meanest of the mean, they hit the party scene hoping to end DJ X’s days of disk spinning and blood sucking.

Within a couple mins I can see Lost Boys 3 is looking a lot darker with a lot more Frog. Making a comeback from the first movie, Jamison Newlander, Edgar’s sidekick and brother Alan Frog. Very nice seeing an old face come back to fight the forces of vampire evil. It made the anticipation for LB3 even greater. He isn’t the same bad ass with a comic book obsession anymore though. Things are a little different in Alan’s world. I’m really liking the few flashbacks to the first LB movie. There are a lot of little things that tie the movies together. Some of them are harder to pick up than others. Good homage to Corey Haim too. Would have been great to have him back in the fold with the other 2 “monster bashers.”

I really enjoyed the movie. I liked a hell of a lot better than the one we got a couple years ago. If you liked anything at all from part 2. You should really like this one. Some of you that couldn’t even finish it may have a hard time trusting the third movie. I think you’ll find it very enjoyable. There is an actual story even. Some decent action, but, a little slow getting to the body count. For a direct to video movie, we even got a couple decent plot twists thrown at us too. Can’t forget the cheesy on liners either!

You’ll look past the gravel in Corey Feldman’s voice that he tried to hang onto from the first movie. Because, well, it reminds us of better movies and better vampires. Its nostalgic. Special effects well beyond other crap we’re sitting through, and more fun than a Twilight movie that I couldn’t even get drunk enough to find something I liked about it. You can almost disregard Lost Boys: The Tribe all together. Here, it didn’t happen. Might be a good thing. Corey himself even said something about how he didn’t care for that movie. Well, I really liked this one. Only thing making it better would be to get the vampire slaying started a little earlier. On to Lost Boys 4: The Return of Eddie Munster.

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