Sunday, January 24

Survival of the Dead (2009)

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I got my beer in the freezer getting a quick chill for this movie. I was told its much better if you’ve been drinking. Well, we’re in luck, because I was going to anyway. Got the house to myself and I’m gonna get some quality movie viewing in.

Any time George Romero comes out with a new movie, I sure as hell want see it. Except this time I was a little leery. I heard so much about this movie, and most of it was bad. Survival of the Dead was “leaked” to the internet way before its official release. But, for those of you with certain on demand access or to the Playstation 3 store its yours to rent for a small fee.

The first couple mins remind us about the group of soldiers that were shown in Diary of the Dead, Sgt. Crocket and his crew. Then to a small island off the East coast. A fairly tight knit community is being torn between two different beliefs. One side, lead by Patrick O’Flynn wants to kill all the walking dead to save their island. While the other side, Shamus Muldoon and his posse, have high hopes for a cure and wants to avoid re-killing them, and hopefully save their friends and family. Seems like a noble idea, but, he isn‘t to keen on outsiders with a pulse. Shamus also has no hesitations when it comes to putting a bullet in the heads of the living. O’Flynn doesn’t have any of his own either when it comes to killing Shamus Muldoon’s followers that want to protect their undead family. O’Flynn and his friends end up getting exiled from the island after they are outnumbered during a showdown with Shamus and his groupies.

Sgt. Crocket and his crew meet up with a civilian comic relief that ends up being pretty handy to have around. Discovering the island for his new friends probably doesn’t hurt things either. But, its not going to be so easy getting there. O’Flynn has a run in with Sgt Crocket, and his group on shore while trying to get transportation to the island. The idea for an island as safety sounds pretty good, at first. One way or another Patrick O’Flynn has to get back to there to settle things with Shamus. Its going to end with plenty of dead and undead. And another thing, if its anything like the rest of the movie. Its probably going to be a little stupid too.

This has Hatfield and McCoy written all over it. I remember another movie that had to really reach for some background and used the same type of setting. Pumpkinhead 4 anybody? At least they had Lance Henrikson in it. Even have a character from each side that was once in love with each other. Come on really? This could have been done ANY other way than this and been less insulting.

These special effects are WAY to cheesy and comic. It reminds me a little bit of Day of the Dead. Not Romero’s awesome Dead movie either, the other one. I’m gonna accept that this movie isn’t his one of his finer films. With that being said, this movie does have a couple funny moments. Mostly a chuckle here and there. But, this isn’t a Romero movie, it’s an average zombie flick. But, when you put it in George’s Dead series.. it’s the bottom of the bucket. I actually liked Diary, and I wish there was some messed up typo that ACCIDENTLY put George’s name on it. Maybe this was something he wrote, knew it sucked, threw it out and Uwe Boll found it. Movie would be top notch in Uwe’s resume. This is barely a 2 star movie. The whole time watching it I kept thinking of Mr. Romero’s future in the Dead movies.

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