Wednesday, December 2

The Frankenstein Syndrome (2010)

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Sure took long enough for this movie to come out. I heard about The Frankenstein Syndrome a while ago and been waiting a long time for its release. But, it sure is nice to get the new movies in the mail on your day off. Nothing like a lazy day in the air conditioning, and watching a new horror movie while tossing back a few beers. Of course nothing screams “WATCH ME NOW” like a new horror movie starring my favorite scream queen of all time…. Tiffany Shepis.

Call me a sucker for these Frankenstein themed movies. But, I have a sort of sweet tooth for spins that get put on the original classics. It’s a tried and true formula, similar to Dracula, Wolfman, and the rest of the them. There are so many different directions these movies can go. As well as creating these characters to fall in with current events and times. The idea of immortal life is too great of an idea to not be used in a horror movie. Mix it with a little science and some real possibility then……you need yourself a mad scientist! Or in this case, a group of them.

The movie starts with Dr. Elizabeth Barnes (Shepis) wheelchair bound, and wearing a prosthetic mask recounting the events that took place 2 years prior. When it comes to stem cell research, Dr. Barnes is the best. That’s why Dr. Walton (Ed Lauter) is more than happy to have her join his research team, under the watchful eye of Marcus (Louis Mandylor) of course. Need that security. Especially when dealing with human test subjects. But, it’s the ends that justify the means, and its all going to be worth it once they discover the key to life.

Their work turns to obsession, risks are taken, and the lines of morality, and mortality are crossed. After one of their subjects commits suicide, the idea of Dr. Barnes testing her regeneration theory on a dead subject seems like a pretty decent idea. The results are better than they could have imagined. The consequences aren‘t too pretty though. Everything starts to spiral out of control. The team is half held hostage by upper management, and half crazed with their God complexes. Oh, and to add to the cluster of shit they in. Throw in a revived bad ass that is quickly evolving into something uncontrollable. Maybe they weren’t too far off. What is it called when you’re playing God, you end up actually creating a God?

The Frankenstein Syndrome is great way to spend an hour and a half of your evening. Its too bad the movie was straight to DVD and didn’t have a bigger release. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of these on Blu Ray. The quality is far beyond other crap that I see all over the video shelves. But, I love seeing Tiffany in a starring role. Its great knowing that there are still people out there giving fans horror movies worth watching. The movie is smart, bloody, and has a story to tell. Sean Tretta made a great film. The dynamic duo of Sean and Tiffany could mean great things for horror fans in the coming years. If they keep making them, I’ll keep watching them. Thanks!

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